Monday, November 11, 2013

Storyboards to Animation Comparison

I thought it might be neat to do a comparison between storyboards and animation of my shots from the collaborative short film my class is currently working on for our final assignment at Animation Mentor. Hard to believe we're in the home stretch! It's interesting to see what changes were made during the story development process. My initial boards and pre-vis/layout pass can be found on previous blog posts.
The opening shots from these storyboards are being animated by a fellow classmate. I went ahead and left those boards on here so that folks can get a sense of how my sequence will be hooking up with the shots that come before. The short film's first two acts were boarded and are being animated by the other students in my class. A special shout-out to Dorren, Justin, Tim, Tommy, Lisa, and of course, Jason, our mentor. Y'all rock! :)

Keep in mind that the animation is still very much a work in progress--there's still lots of polish left to be done in the next few weeks. Also, the drawings have yet to be rigged and animated, and the audio is just a temp track. But I think the shots are far enough along now that it's clear what's going on.

Check out the storyboards to animation comparison here: Work in Progress

Some weeks back the school asked me to write up a little something for their blog regarding their Production Track courses.

You can check it out here: Animation Mentor blog post

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