Thursday, September 13, 2012

Class 2 Progress Reel

Here's my Progress Reel from Class 2 at Animation Mentor.

Like before, my most recent shot is presented first and then the reel works backwards from there, ending with my first shot from Class 1 at AM--the bouncing ball.

The emphasis this term was on body mechanics--improving our understanding of the principles of animation (timing and spacing, anticipation, arcs, etc.) to better portray physical movements in a convincing way. Focus on acting and performance will come later, in Classes 4 and 5. For now we focused on building a clear sense of force (both internal and external) into our poses and giving our characters a feeling of weight and proper balance.

Easier said than done! The physics involved can get pretty complicated. Cool as it was to work on a bipedal/human character, it proved to be quite a challenge. I definitely gained a new appreciation for the elegant way things move in nature.

Once again I was blessed with a great mentor whose guidance proved invaluable. Thanks, Jay! And a big thanks to my fellow classmates for all their feedback.

From the syllabus it looks like Class 3 will be a lot of fun--and even more intense. I'm looking forward to it! :)

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